The collection of JJ Watt’s jersey

JJ Watt’s signed jersey

Red #99 Signed Jersey $579.99

Uniqueness of signed jersey is embodied in writing,and jersey’s signature is a kind of identity,which is a patent.It shows the distinctive personality of people, as well as the strong personal style. Signed jersey has the gret collection value, whether star signed or signed jersey, is a long-term value of collection.The artistic quality of signed jersey. The signature itself is an art,and signature is beauty.At different times, different environment and different signature is differsence, reflected different state of mind. Rubber seals,which show personal acceptance, approval,and consent.Signature is a kind of means in social activities by faith, and have higher security.
The NFL game has ended, but the fans of the carnival continues.July 14, 2014, U sports together with the Chinese TMall to carry out International football star signature equipment online sale activities, a variety of top star signature jersey collective appearance. It is reported that the sale of products containing 26 products of 11 top football star,These are limited sale,including JJ Watt,ezekiel elliott,Dak Prescott,tom brady,Russell Wilson,antonio brown and other football stars of the genuine signature jerseys and shoes.And the jerseys and shoes are from the world’s leading signature product supplier ICONS company in Greater China in this activities.

JJ Watt’s signed jersey has been auctioned

According to the sport news,JJ Watt related collection has always been a lot of money,and now someone in the famous online shopping site EBAY public auction JJ Watt high school autographed jersey, the price reached 50,000 US dollars.
JJ Watt has been in the high school period has shown the character of the emperor, he was selected three times the first team of the United States, three times elected Ohio football.In the view of high school era outstanding performance,high school has deliver no.23 jersey to Massachusetts football Hall of Fame.It is a little pity between 2011 to 2012 the NFL season,when many people did not see the concept of value-added.There is no collection of high school students jersey habits,resulting in this jersey became a precious gift in a few years later.Because now JJ Watt is at its peak,most of the objects he contacted with are elusive. In the earlier, JJ Watt’s jersey worn in the Finals game was also been auctioned in the official Union website,and price uo to 50,020 dollars.